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A Week Late and a Dollar Short.

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Or something like that. I’m feeling better now [although the cold is still hanging on a bit.] This means it’s past due for my Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival Report. I drove up with Fyberduck and Emily to Canby. After a short mishap finding the place, we arrived early enough that parking spaces were still aplenty. We immediately hit the barns and although we didn’t get to see all the animals, we did see several sheep and this beautiful white llama:


We also saw some great Jacob Sheep including this one with 5 horns:


Just like a starfish…Sort of.

We then met up with another girl from here in Eugene and hit the vendors. I may have come home with a large bag full of fibers:

My Loot!

The top layer is a Grafton Fibers Poof, some silk caps, a second poof, and then a mystery batt which is a merino/silk/angora/flash blend. The middle layer [the reds and pink] are all from Crown Mountain Farms, corridale pencil roving to the left and two superwash merino rovings. Then we have some various bits, including a chibi, some short double pointed needles [size 2] a sheepy tape measure and a back issue of Interweave Knits. The last bit is some grey angora/merino blend.

On our way out of town we saw this place:

Spinning Wheel

We stopped to inquire after their spinning wheel and got nothing but dirty looks for our trouble.

We also saw a bomber on sticks:

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

and a statue of liberty:


The random things you see on Oregon Highway 99!
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