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A Day at the Fair, Animal Edition

At the Lane County Fair I saw: Alaskan Racing Pigs (these are babies in training): Stubborn as a Goat (or a little girl in a tutu): Fancy Lady in a Bonnet: The goats are from the Goat Gala, or the dressed up goat parade. My family raised dairy goats when I was a child so read more


Cats? or The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.

Almost a month ago, we got a second cat. We’ve been talking about getting one for awhile, to help with Pica’s co-dependent tendancies and just to round out our household a little more. We’ve been having a pretty ok adjustment time, generally. Pica still likes to growl, hiss and swat at Ollie but he now read more



Embedding courtesy of Dintillion I miss my family most at birthdays and holidays. This year I am missing my family something fierce and today I started thinking about this commercial for a local bank. It ran for a long, long time although comments on another version of this video say it has been axed now read more


Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

…in New England. We got 4″ of snow on Sunday night. Snow and cold is a little abnormal, we trend towards wet, melting, slushy snow that only sticks around a day or so, falling when temperatures are above freezing. Instead, tonight we’re sitting at 12 degrees Fahrenheit at 10pm (they keep lowering the predicted low, read more


Possessive Kitteh

I think she and I need to have a talk about who the macbook really belongs to. Clearly she disagrees with my assessment that it is mine.