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WIP Wednesday: Vanilla Extract

I’m making my own vanilla extract! Based on these instructions and using vanilla beans from this store. In my one quart jar I put in six vanilla beans split in half (I used three Bourbon/Madagascar beans and three Tahitian), 4 ounces of vanilla extract and then filled the jar with Bacardi White Rum. 6 to read more


Dyson Animal

Today’s Friday Fixation is a new gadget that makes my life a little easier: the Dyson Animal (DC25). Since our old Eureka has pretty much given up the ghost we decided that the extra money for the Dyson would be money well spent. We ran around town looking for it last Sunday, but unfortunately we read more


Happy Halloween

We’re not doing anything for Halloween this year (we’re staying home and cleaning the apartment since D’s parents are coming to visit tomorrow) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share our birthday-cat’s Halloween costume: She hates it. Hates. It is kind of funny how defeated she looks when I put it on. Lest you read more

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There and Back Again

We recently drove to California (and back!) We’ve been back home for two weeks and I’ve written nary a word here on the blog about the trip. I’m slowly processing the nearly 1100 photos I took. Until I finish that I’m going to hold off on the blog recap. Instead, here’s an adorable photo of read more


Festival Schmestival

It’s Black Sheep Gathering time again. If anyone needs me for these next few days I’ll be at the gathering, likely feeling pretty high on wool fumes. Mmmmm. Wool fumes. I’ll be tweeting the events, you can find that here. bsg bingo graphic copyright bd rose llc. all rights reserved.