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WIP Wednesday: Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

I’m making my own vanilla extract! Based on these instructions and using vanilla beans from this store. In my one quart jar I put in six vanilla beans split in half (I used three Bourbon/Madagascar beans and three Tahitian), 4 ounces of vanilla extract and then filled the jar with Bacardi White Rum. 6 to 8 weeks from now, I’ll have vanilla! Just in time for my Christmas baking.

Also, here’s a snapshot of the life of this cat owner. She sniffs everything. At least once. The vanilla jar? She sniffed it twice.

cat sniffing a jar


  1. penny

    Oh YUM!!! i wish the interwebs had smellovision.

    also: thank you! affordable beans… i’ve only seen a few super expensive ones here and i knew there had to be a saner source.