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Cats? or The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.


Almost a month ago, we got a second cat. We’ve been talking about getting one for awhile, to help with Pica’s co-dependent tendancies and just to round out our household a little more. We’ve been having a pretty ok adjustment time, generally. Pica still likes to growl, hiss and swat at Ollie but he now has the chutzpah to chase her back. He was very shy, but he’s stopped hiding for the most part. Except that tonight we realized that he’s been peeing on the rug directly in front of the litter box. We’re pretty sure he doesn’t have a uti and that it started sometime while we were away over last weekend. We’ve been cleaning it (the rug went into the washer and we treated the floor with water, water mixed with hydrogen peroxide and an enzymatic cleaner). Hopefully that will straighten things out. I love the cats, but boy, sometimes they are frustrating creatures!


  1. Mark

    If they are anything like my cats, they will fight now and again for as long as they know each other – I get a strange sort of glee out of watching them fight, for some reason.

    Glad they are getting along better, though! And I really hope Ollie loses the bad habit – that is about the worst habit a cat can have…