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Maddox Monster



Maddox the Mischevious Monster by Rebecca Danger (Ravelry link)

More babies are on the way in my circle of friends. D’s longtime friend T and her husband are expecting a son on or around April 2nd. Since her shower was last weekend I cranked out a couple of gifts for the little guy. She’s also a graphic designer and we share similar tastes, particularly when it comes to color. No pastels for her baby, just bold, strong colors. I knew that the nursery is painted in blue and orange so I thought this cute, squishy, toothy pal would be a perfect match.

Knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton, it took less than one skein and 2 days to knit (I could have done it all in one day but tightly knit cotton wears out my hands and causes flare-ups of my repetitive stress issues.) The pattern had a few small typos in it, but I’m sure that they’ve been corrected by now. It was an easy thing to knit and super cute. I made a couple modifications–sewing the crotch area closed before stuffing and then using kitchener stitch to graft the head closed at the end instead of the 3 needle bind off recommended. I should have stuffed it as I went along instead of all at the end, but I was lazy. I also sewed on the teeth in addition to gluing them down to double insure that the little one will have a hard time ripping them off.


  1. Greg

    Could I entice you to manufacture a 400 foot tall version of Maddox? I want to mechanize him and institute a reign of terror over some village or township…