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Leafy Curtains

sewing a curtain

When we moved in to Casa de Baya, the bedroom had a very make-shift curtain hanging in the window. Made from a sheet, it had faded pink flowers and was generally sad. It wasn’t my style and it just looked out of place, especially after the fresh coat of sage green paint that we put on the walls. I found this fabric online (it’s a Robert Kaufman fabric, panda print in tangerine and it’s a bamboo/cotton blend) and ordered 4 yards of the 54″ wide fabric.

The trickiest part of this project was ironing the fabric. I only have a mini-sized tabletop ironing board, so it took a lot of shifting and hoping that it wouldn’t re-wrinkle as I ironed the next piece. Then I cut it in half and hemmed each edge–twice. Once to pull back the raw edge and the second time to hide that raw edge (I decided not to line or make the curtains double sided in any way, the thought of wrangling that much fabric made me blanch). Then I folded the top over to make a pole pocket, hung them up and had curtains. The fabric was less expensive than panels big enough to cover the window, especially since I wanted a custom length as the window sits above a baseboard heater. It did take about 8 hours of pinning, ironing and sewing time, because I am both fastidious and slow because of my relative lack of sewing experience.