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I Like Big Bundts

Today is National Bundt Day. Stacie pinned The Food Librarian’s celebration of the bundt cake recently and since I love a bundt cake (delicious cake, little to no frosting, perfect for unfancy days without a lot of fuss), I decided I need to join in. I baked the blueberry lemon bundt from martha stewart and read more


Of Gnomes and Doctors

I do not profess to be either good or speedy at cross-stitch. I generally leave the cross-stitch pieces to my mother (who is very good, and far speedier than I am) but not too long ago I came across some great, simple pieces on etsy that have called out to me. One of these is read more


Power Washing

Surprisingly hard work. We’re about halfway done, then it dries for 48 hours and then we put on a new coat of stain/sealant. It needs it.

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Three years ago I married my best friend, my unwavering support, my biggest cheerleader. Each day I wake up to find that the impossible has happened and I love him even more today than yesterday, and know there’s no one on this earth that I would rather share my life with. Happy anniversary, my love. read more


On Growth and Seedlings

It’s been raining fit to drown us all here lately, and my peas and my broccoli raab seem to be drinking it up quite happily. At the same time, I’m seeing some progress with my indoor seedlings. This is not the first time I’ve helped with indoor seedlings (we had a huge garden growing up), read more

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