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Smashed Chickpea Salad

One choice D and I have made this year is to try and cut back on our meat consumption. This means more mushrooms, more whole grains and hopefully, more beans and bean-like objects. I have a great aversion to the slightly gritty texture of beans though, so I’m searching hard to find ways to enjoy read more


Noro Clapotis Scarf

In November I ordered this single skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn in color s269 from WEBS. Inspired directly by this clapotis scarf. I don’t normally go for pale neutrals like this but there is such amazing depth of color in this yarn. It’s Noro, so it’s a little “rustic” and there were two read more


Settling In

We’re settling in here at the new house (In all my nerddom I’ve dubbed it Casa de Baya or “Berry House” for it’s pale pink color on the outside.) Our move was both spur-of-the-moment and long-coming all in one. We tend to spend quite awhile debating big decisions and then move on them in one read more


Eight Down

Twenty-three to go. Days that is. We had decided that we were aiming to move out of this apartment by February 28th. Except then we found the perfect place for us but we needed to snap it up immediately or risk losing it. So we’re paying rent both places this month, giving us thirty-one days read more