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On Growth and Seedlings

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It’s been raining fit to drown us all here lately, and my peas and my broccoli raab seem to be drinking it up quite happily. At the same time, I’m seeing some progress with my indoor seedlings. This is not the first time I’ve helped with indoor seedlings (we had a huge garden growing up), but it is the first time I’ve been wholly responsible for their care and I am really enjoying watching the little plant babies grow.

My sprouting set up is a 4′ shop light hanging from the closet rod over a table in our office closet. It’s working really well thus far, although next year we’re expanding which means the closet is a 2010 location only.

The first to appear in my tray were the San Marzano tomato seedlings. Today, they’re all sporting their real leaves and growing steadily. I also have two other kinds of tomatoes, three kinds of peppers, eggplant and marigolds started, with a few more things to follow. Other things will be sown directly in the ground and I’m sure I’ll be tempted by an interesting seedling or two at the Lane County Farmer’s Market (which starts tomorrow!)

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