Cathartic Ink

putting my own spin on things


Uffda! What a long month it has been. How does it go so quickly? I’m back in classes for this term, and that’s kicking my butt a little bit. We’re also at Nanie’s one day every week trying to get things all squared away for a. the estate sale and b. the house sale. It’s a lot of work and we’ve been exhausting ourselves doing it. It really makes me look at how much “stuff” we all keep in a very different light.

The cleaning and sorting of Nanie’s things has been very difficult for me. This is the first time that I’ve ever been involved in this process and by the time we leave the house I always feel very deflated and wrung-out. Last week I got very angry at the whole situation and had a little bit of a meltdown but cooler heads always seem to prevail. As hard as the process is, there have been some very fun parts. Like this:


We’re really not sure how long she’d been holding onto these bad boys, but they were fantastic. Giant, plastic framed, trifocals. She could not wait until they came back into style. Hopefully I won’t be around to see the day that they do, as I’m sure we can all agree that this is not my best look.

We also made a new friend:


I’m not sure who this cat belongs to or if he even has a home [or really, if he is truly a he]. I think he’s beautiful, he’s friendly, he wants to spend time with us, and he has no front claws. That’s right, someone declawed him and has left it to him to find a way to defend himself outside. I won’t get into how I feel about declawing–suffice it to say that I’m not a fan–but I will be clear about how I feel about declawing outdoor cats. It is irresponsible, inappropriate and dangerous. This guy had a mostly healed cut on one ear as well as some small bumps under his fur but seemed to be physically okay otherwise. I will admit to wanting to pack him in the car and take him home with us. If I was 100% sure he was a stray I probably would. But since I’m not, we left him behind and just hope to see him when we’re back at work next week.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of knitting, plus I have some great photos from Oregon Flock and Fiber but they’ll have to wait until later. Here’s to hoping it won’t take me another month!


  1. Amy

    Declawed and outside?!!? That’s just irresponsible! I sure hope that pretty kitty is either back inside where he belongs or found a safe place to be.

  2. liz

    Evil owners – now maybe he escaped the home(just a little benefit of the doubt, but only a little), but if the cat is declawed(ugh), extra precautions must be taken.
    I would have taken it home. I don’t think I could have resisted the tufts coming out of his ears or his cute kitty nose.
    Oh and I’m Liz, I’ve never commented here before but I’ve been lookin’ around and it’s cute here.

  3. Diana

    That cat is definitely a SHE. How can I tell? Three colors. All three-colored cats are SHEs; it’s the way their color genetics work.

  4. penny

    {hugs} it’s the one thing i dread deeply as my mum and inlaws age. my husband and i are both only children and our parents, packrats. may we not have to do this for MANY MANY more years.

    a declawed pretty one outside? how MEAN! i hope she’s safe…

  5. artaban7

    Uffda is my new favorite exclamation. I’m hoping Oregon Flock and Fiber isn’t a gathering to celebrate people with lots of fiber in their diet. ‘Cause that could be interesting.