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Dancing Birds

More on these little birds soon, but in the meantime here’s what happens when I get stuck in the house by the snow. I make animated gifs of tiny knitted birds.


Test Post: Dear Father

I’m testing a new theme out in hopes that it will mean that I blog more–or at all. I’m thinking of doing more short posts with some of my favorite photos. Since I got a new smartphone, I’ve been leaving my dSLR home more and more and I want to get back to take more read more

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Cuttlefish

Etymology: The origin of the word cuttlefish can be found in the old English term cudele, itself derived in the 1400s from the Norwegian koddi (testicle) and the Middle German kudel (pouch), a literal description of the cephalopod’s shape. The Greco-Roman world valued the cephalopod as a source of the unique brown pigment released from read more

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On Falling Behind

photo taken at V. Sattui Winery, Aug 29, 2008 [see other photos from the vineyard here.] The curse of one who has too many hobbies–when you do one a lot, the others get explored much less frequently. Since I’ve spent much of the summer knitting fanatically, I have had much time for things like spinning read more



Uffda! What a long month it has been. How does it go so quickly? I’m back in classes for this term, and that’s kicking my butt a little bit. We’re also at Nanie’s one day every week trying to get things all squared away for a. the estate sale and b. the house sale. It’s read more