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On Falling Behind


photo taken at V. Sattui Winery, Aug 29, 2008 [see other photos from the vineyard here.]

The curse of one who has too many hobbies–when you do one a lot, the others get explored much less frequently. Since I’ve spent much of the summer knitting fanatically, I have had much time for things like spinning or editing our vacation photos. So, please, enjoy this very summer-y shot from the V. Sattui Winery in California (TheAmpuT took us there when we visited her.) Thankfully it’s much closer to fall here now, but this little piece of sunshine should be a welcome reminder in a few months when we’ve been deluged by the rains for weeks on end!


  1. Amy

    feel free to box up all that rain and send it down here. We are just entering our dry, sunny period. Unless there is a nice Pacific hurricane this Autumn we won’t see clouds for a very long time 🙁