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Not Clean Enough.

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I read Cute Overload regularly. Today, I stop by and see this:

If you look closely you will note that this child is licking the snout of that pig. Full on, flat tongue to snout-end licking. Now, readers of TheBlog, you may not know that I was raised on a small farm. We had goats, chickens, rabbits, cows and a variety of other animals including pigs. Now, I hate pigs. They have a weird smell to them even when “clean”. It’s thick and kind of sweet and it tickles the back of my throat. I have heard people talk about how clean pigs are. And I have also watched them eat bucketloads of chicken feet, decomposing kitchen scraps and [my personal favorite] tree stumps. It is true that if you were to knock yourself unconscious in a pig pen and were out for long enough they would eat you. And yet, some adult is calmly taking a photo of a child licking the not-terribly-clean snout of this pig. I’m pretty relaxed about germs and dirt–afterall you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die [thanks Mom!], but I draw the line here. I will never stand idle and watch my [future] child lick a pig’s snout. I just won’t have that.

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