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An Open Letter to ODOT

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Dear ODOT,
I know that the city of Eugene is spending something like 13million dollars to take out a perfectly good and important lane of traffic on Franklin in order to decrease the bus trip from Eugene Station to Springfield Station by a whopping 4 minutes. I appreciate that people could better spend those 4 minutes a day watching their stories. I really do.

I also know that you approved this idea. You had to have in order for the road crews to have been out working and for the road to be all torn up for months. Now that it’s almost done in the part right around campus, I was relieved. You see, something like a bajillion students are going to descend on campus on Monday. And on Wednesday night, you went in and started resurfacing the most direct route to campus from I-5 north. So, there are fewer lanes of traffic to accomodate all that extra traffic. And then today, this morning, you diverted us from turning into the University the only way that most of these travelers would know how. Luckily, it’s not a very difficult diversion but one would think that you would try to avoid confusing thousands of drivers by making them make a weird and random u around a currently blockaded parking lot. You couldn’t have worse timing if you tried [which of course you don’t since things rarely ever happen on schedule, you first talk about them for decades before doing anything.]

No love today,

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