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Right ‘Round Baby, Like a Record

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It’s Fiber Friday and here’s what I’ve been spinning this week. These photos were taken with my new camera, I’m very excited to now own a DSLR.

A thick and thin merino single with white and black beads spun in. Each bead was tied in the center of a piece of thread and held together with the fiber as it spun.

Spun from merino dyed by It’s a single plied with black perle cotton strung with cheap shiny pinkish-purple seed beads. It’s soft and fluffy. Approximately 73 yards.

This is blue faced leicester from I spun it fairly thin and plied it using navajo ply which makes a soft, round three-ply. This is approximately 170 yards and 4 ounces. I loved spinning the BFL, it almost drafted itself.

On the bobbin, this is the single that I plied with beads strung on cotton perle. I have somewhere between 2 and 3 ounces of this fiber left.

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