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I upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 this morning. It looks like everything went smoothly but if you find anything wonky, please let me know!



Today I turned 27. I slept late, poked around online and knit while hanging out with the cat. I received a package via FedEx, (more on that later) chatted with rachelm and was generally lazy until my husband came home from work just before 3pm. Then, he gave me presents (The BBC versions of the read more


In Favor of a Four Day Work Week

Why can’t every weekend be a three-day weekend? With my husband at home three days we can waste a whole day napping and being lazy and still accomplish a large amount. I knit some and spun some (more on that later in the week). I even managed to write half of our thank you cards read more


Willamette Valley Music Fest

This post is for the locals. This weekend, May 17-18 is the Willamette Valley Music Fest. In its 38th year, Music Fest features over 30 bands on two stages, an art expo, food vendors and beer and wine concessions. Sponsored by the UO Cultural Forum it is free to everyone! There’s a wide variety of read more

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Ever since our encounter with the stray cat at Nanie’s house last October, my husband and I have been talking on and off about getting a cat. We really want a dog, but our current circumstances are not amenable to that. Last Thursday, a small, sad black cat showed up at our door. He cried read more


After the Hiatus; a Meme

Been too busy and caught up in life to post, but here’s a meme I swiped from rachel m. The Rules: – When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog: rachel m – Post the rules on your blog – Write 7 things about yourself – Tag 7 of your read more


An Open Letter to Meatloaf

Dear Meatloaf, As a child, I spent many hours listening to Bat Out of Hell (on vinyl!), singing and dancing whilst doing household chores with my sisters. I cannot count the number of times I have watched you sing “Hot Patootie” before you meet your untimely demise at the hands of the world’s favorite sweet read more


I am Knitting Giant Man-Socks

Occasionally, my husband looks at me and says “my toes are cold. I have no hand-knit socks.” Now, many people would say it was cold hearted of me to live with him for going on four years now and have not knit him socks. These people would be the ones who don’t know that he read more


And Another Birthday!

Today, the joyous occasion is in honor of my much beloved husband who–much to his chagrin–is 29 years old today. He refused to let me bake him a cake, he doesn’t want a party and in general wants to pretend April 1st is not happening. I love him far too much to let this day read more


Spring has Sprung!

Mim over at MimKnits wants to see our favorite harbingers of spring. I haven’t had much time to go out and take photos this spring (although it has definitely sprung here!) I took this photo of a bud on a star magnolia tree in Portland on the 16th of March. The tree was already in read more


Joyeux Anniversaire!

To one of my favorite codemonkeys, Tristan!

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Idle Hands are the Devil’s Tools

And mine certainly haven’t been idle! Two trips to Portland in the past three weekends, projects and all kinds of other things have kept me from having the time or energy to blog. I certainly have the fodder, just not the mental process. The Pi Day trip to Portland was a great deal of fun. read more