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An Open Letter to Meatloaf


Dear Meatloaf,
As a child, I spent many hours listening to Bat Out of Hell (on vinyl!), singing and dancing whilst doing household chores with my sisters. I cannot count the number of times I have watched you sing “Hot Patootie” before you meet your untimely demise at the hands of the world’s favorite sweet transvestite. I even gave Bat Out of Hell 2: Back into Hell a good shot, even though it wasn’t as good as the original. I’ve heard you were fabulous in Fight Club, and I loved you in Formula 51. However, while watching tv this morning, I saw this:

This is not acceptable Meatloaf.
no love,

PS. Tiffany, you’re not off the hook either.


  1. Mark

    I had NO idea the people in that commercial were Meatloaf and Tiffany! Wow.

    I was more bothered by the fact that the kid’s loving his parents was based solely on whether or not they got him a phone.

  2. jodi

    There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin. So can I just put in a request not to be shown this kind of stuff while I’m still eating breakfast? I would watch anything for Meatloaf, but I won’t watch that.

  3. Amy

    LOL! Ok, watching it once is kind of funny. I am just imagining a family where every conversation ends in a big rock production number. Imagine bringing friends over for the first time!

    But if I had to watch that as many times as the typical advertisement is played I would be sick of it so fast!

  4. Irie

    Oh that’s horrible! Not only did they bastardize one of Meatloaf’s best songs, they did a crap job of producing it, like he forgot the words when he was lip-synching to his own screwed up song. And Tiffany… what’s with the meat leg?? Is this meant to be a subliminal reminder that hey guys this is MEAT LOAF, remember him?!?

  5. T

    OMG I saw this yesterday as well, but the shortened TV version, this one is even worse.