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Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

…in New England. We got 4″ of snow on Sunday night. Snow and cold is a little abnormal, we trend towards wet, melting, slushy snow that only sticks around a day or so, falling when temperatures are above freezing. Instead, tonight we’re sitting at 12 degrees Fahrenheit at 10pm (they keep lowering the predicted low, read more


Christmas Craft: Tiny Mittens

I’ve been having some issues with large knitting projects, which means I had to abandon 3 pieces of Christmas knitting. I was knitting for too many hours a day trying to finish two large projects for gifts and ended up with very sore shoulders, elbows and wrists. I knew I wanted to make some ornaments read more


Baker Baker

There’s a voice inside my head that says, well, if three kinds of cookies are good, eight or nine kinds of cookies are better. And that is how I have spent the past few days, dusted with flour, washing my stand mixer bowl over and over and over again in a baking frenzy to prepare read more


Blueberry Jam

I’m busy with Christmas preparation pretty much every day now. One of yesterday’s tasks was to make blueberry jam from the blueberries I froze back in July when they were in season. I prefer my jam made without white sugar, the more fruit the better. This jam consists of blueberries, concentrated grape juice (no sugar read more


Snapshot Sunday: Starbursts

New ornaments for our sparkle tree. And we’re done with NaBloPoMo, folks. Not sure what kind of posting schedule I’m going to go to now that November is over but I think that it will probably be more frequently than it was before. I’ve been enjoying it again, which was what I hoped would happen.