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Joy from Extremely Unexpected Sources


It’s been a rough ride around here lately. In addition to a host of other things, my beloved husband threw his back out very badly; he has been laid up for 2.5 weeks and on bedrest for 12 days. I’m not looking to throw myself a pity party, but yesterday all of the frustrations of everything stacked up and eventually I had a miniature meltdown and vented my frustration on twitter. I posted this:

Dear Universe, Could you lay the heck off me for a couple of weeks? I’m not sure how much more frustration and stress I can take. xoxo Bon

Then I gathered myself together, took some time, scooped the cats’ litter boxes and went to bed. When I woke up this morning and checked in on my stream, I had received the following @reply from the user: The_UN1VERSE:

I’ll See What I Can Do. But You’re Doing Fine So Far.

This may sound dumb, but it was really actually helpful. Just that little piece of random encouragement set me up for a great and productive day. I have no idea if it’s a real person or a bot behind the account. If it’s a real person, they dealt me a huge measure of kindness with this one silly post, and for that I thank them. I’ll try to pay that kindness forward.


  1. MadMup

    I absolutely love that.

    Also: hang in there, Bonnie! You are stronger than you realize and you have many friends out here!

  2. pumpkinmama

    That is so cool. That would’ve made me feel lighter too. Sorry things suck, hang in there.