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One Tiny Gnome Army

Anyone who knows me knows that I have occasional compulsive tendencies. I go off on wild tears and do things like bake ten kinds of cookies for four people for Christmas Eve, collect all available cds from a band I decide I like or get wrapped up in a book so much that I stay awake reading for hours after I’ve realized I’m exhausted. This time my focus was on a project full of joy and happiness; one tiny gnome army.

I initially discovered the pattern (mochimochiland’s tiny things collection 3) and filed it away for a day when I needed a really fast and instant gratification project. Meaning I’d knit one and be done with it. Except next thing I knew I’d knit 14. All of the yarns were remnants or bits of yarn I just had in my stash. I mass produced the beards and arms and then did all of the finishing at once. Each gnome took me just under an hour from beginning to end, and these guys pack a huge joyful punch.

They’re little, under two inches from their little feet to the tops of their pointed hats. Totally pocket sized and full of awesome.

More photos of the tiny gnome army here. Project on Ravelry here.


  1. kc

    I just love them! I want them all over my Christmas tree 🙂 weren’t they fiddly to knit at all? what about those arms… those teeny, tiny arms!

  2. Martha

    Thank you for the pic on flickr with the spinning wheel! The choir is especially delicious!

  3. AmpuTeeHee

    Ok. I saw the flickr pic where some were toppled over, and I didn’t realize it was an outtake. I thought your “army” was at war, and that you were showing the carnage after the battle LOL.

  4. Barbara

    Oh, I feel the pull of the mochi mochi. I will knit travelocity gnomes…