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It seems like the more I try to slow things down and enjoy them, the faster time flies. In the past month I’ve been to a wedding shower, a wedding rehearsal and a wedding (yay! Jodie and Anthony). Then I got bronchitis and a hefty hit of fall allergies followed by a big overhaul of the front yard (in progress still) and then a trip to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (more on that later, if I can squeeze it in). We also emptied the storage unit we were renting, and I’ve been harvesting the tail end of my summer garden, making ketchup and canning tomato sauce and drying tomatoes. We got a composter. I’ve knit two shawls and half of a fair isle hat. And now? Now I’m making lists preparing for a whirlwind two-week solo-trip home. I’m leaving my husband here in Oregon for this one, and I’ll pack my first week with family and my second week with east coast fiber folks (particularly Miss Sunshinewalks) and Rhinebeck! I’m hoping for a slow-down to happen in November, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Amy

    It sounds like you have been having a grand time (with the exception of the cold and allergies). No time left to get bored