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Spinning 1-2-3


One: batts from Rainbow Yarns NW purchased at Black Sheep Gathering 2008. 60% pygora (a cross between a pygmy goat and an angora goat) and 40% silk.


Two: Singles on a bobbin.


Three: two ply lace yarn. 2.3 ounces and about 315-320 yards.


Personal note: It’s kind of a stressful time here at casa de baya. We’re in the process of sleep testing to determine if my husband does indeed have the sleep apnea we think he does. Because one of his symptoms is really loud, constant snoring we’re both left exhausted and a bit stressed out by every day’s to-do list. We’d welcome any good thoughts you can send our way for a speedy treatment for the issue, we’re both really itching for a really great night of sleep. And you know, I’d like to make it to our third anniversary without smothering in his sleep–sleep deprivation induced insanity is a crazy thing.*

*of course I am not going to smother him. But seriously, sleep deprivation makes everything so much more difficult.


  1. Halblingefrau

    Have you taken him to a sleep lab? I spent one night there, got a CPAP machine, and haven’t snored since. It’s been wonderful. Refreshing sleep for me, no more lie-abed-nights for my husband.

  2. (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Beautiful spinning. And oh god the snoring/sleep apnea. My husband is refusing (for now) to get tested because he says he won’t get one of those machines or have surgery. But I finally convinced him to get fitted for one of those mouthpieces and on the first night there was a big difference. I still want him to get tested for the apnea but he does seem to breathe better and I know I’m getting more sleep.

  3. penny

    I really do hope the testing works out quickly and easily and you both can soon sleep well. {hugs}

    The spinning (and photography thereof) is gorgeous.