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New Theme.


With a little help from TheBoy, and a whole lot of tweaking of an existing theme, Cathartic Ink has a brand new look. If you’re viewing through an RSS feed, you might want to click over and check it out. Thanks!


  1. Mary

    I like it too. Although I liked the old one as well. I like most things you do Bon. You got the skills of an artist (random StrongBad reference).

  2. Amy

    there is never a bad time for a strong bad reference 😀

    I love the new layout. The banner is too cool!

  3. kelly

    I’m torn! I loved the last theme but I really adore this banner.

    When all the work that you do is great, it makes it difficult for your fans to decide. 😉

  4. jodi

    Hmm. I can’t see it, I don’t think (using the newest version of firefox). What I’m seeing is a blank template with plain blue banner.