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Busy B*

Things have been quite busy here lately. I spend Thursday nights knitting with ViolinJodie and a handful of other folks. This week’s topic of conversation turned to Black Sheep Gathering (BSG). This year’s BSG is going to be happening at a crazy time in this city, just before the US Olympic Trials [expect a lot read more


bloggers (silent) poetry reading

Today is the Feast of St. Brigid. I’m a little indifferent to most poetry, but there are a few that hold great meaning for me. This one speaks to my roots, my training, my loves and my love. In fact, it was the poem that my older sister read for us at our wedding [my read more


Friday Fixation

I am totally obsessed with this game Untangle It’s like untangling a really bad, virtual ball of yarn. Really satisfying when you get it all untangled, and really frustrating when it just keeps getting more and more messed up. It’s a major timesuck though, don’t say I didn’t warn you. via zefrank


Let’s Hope I’m Not One of Those Seven

I love with a slightly bridled passion. It’s the perfect blend of nerdy, geeky and wonderful. And today, knitting makes an appearance. How much better can it get?



TheBoy and I have been contemplating a few newish applications lately, including twitter and tumblr. Earlier today he and I both decided to get set up with the latter. I’ll probably post a smattering of things that I find that are interesting to me. Feel free to follow my meanderings at TheBon in Brief.