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Chicken for Dinner

It’s been hot here in Oregon. Hot enough that I want to cook things quickly (or not at all) and make enough to eat for several meals. Last night’s dinner fit both of those criteria. I tend to mostly make things up as I cook, throwing in some of this and a lot of that read more


Eggplant Excellence

Today, I made Baba Ganouj. I have to admit something before I go any further. While I have eaten a fair amount of eggplant I have never bought or cooked one before today. I did, however, have a pretty good idea of what a ripe eggplant looked at felt like and if the end results read more


Yet Again.

TheBoy and I have been sick pretty much since we got home from Vegas. He’s managed to go to work every day, and take care of me, because I have been flat out. If you know me, don’t call for the next couple of days. I have pretty close to literally no voice at all. read more

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