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Yet Again.

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TheBoy and I have been sick pretty much since we got home from Vegas. He’s managed to go to work every day, and take care of me, because I have been flat out. If you know me, don’t call for the next couple of days. I have pretty close to literally no voice at all. Anyway, we’re sitting on the couch and he says to me “I have an idea for something I want to get you for your birthday but it won’t be a surprise because they’re showing commercials for it now.” He wanted to buy me tickets to go see Ani DiFranco here in Eugene in August. Well, we have plans to go home to Maine in August, to see my family. Plane tickets bought and everything. And the Ani concert in Eugene is in the middle of the week we’ll be gone. I have been just missing her concerts since 1998. That’s 8 years in which every time she is near where I am, I am leaving or have plans that can not be changed. Oh well, there’s always next summer if we’re still in Eugene then. And really, my family is way better than a concert.

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