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Recently I had a request to knit a tiny Papa Smurf, after one of my older sister’s friends saw my tiny gnome army. Since I knew I had both blue and red remnants at home, I agreed and set about the task. Using the teeny tiny mochimochiland santa pattern, I improvised the color placement (making the pants slightly higher, and making the skin and shirt both a smurf-like blue). In addition, Smurfs had both large noses and wee nubbin tails so I used a tiny tiny bit of 2 stitch i-cord for both of these elements.

The most troubling part to me was the eyes. This blue is just dark enough that simple black eyes don’t really stand out. I tried using white yarn to make big round eyes onto which I drew a sharpie pupil; this was a horrifying no go. (In fact, it looked something quite like this pop-eyed guy–click at your own risk, I find this super creepy!) Ultimately, it’s suggestive of a smurf, without being super accurate. And at a scale of less than two inches tall, I’d say that’s close enough.

See this project on Ravelry or blogged here, on the mochimochiland blog.

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