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An Instant Gratification Project; Knitting Punctuation.

I love a good semicolon; the way it transitions from one sentence into another without a hard, hard pause. When I saw this pattern for a comma, apostrophe or quotation marks I was smitten. As I was showing my husband the nearly finished item, he smiled and told me that I “should knit it a friend and make it a semicolon; I use semicolons at work a lot”. And so the seed was planted and with just a little wrangling of the pattern I had made the comma’s spherical friend and joined them into the beautiful semicolon.

Now I have this crazy idea to knit an interrobang, but I think it might be better suited to colorwork than to a softie.


  1. marianne

    I love it! so cute!
    I’m glad you found the pattern easy to follow! 😀

  2. penny

    I want one too! I think the interrobang would be quite well suited for crochet. Keep after me. 😉