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Lace Ribbon Scarf


I’ve decided to visit some of the things I’ve knitted this year. First up is one that I am extremely pleased with, a Lace Ribbon Scarf knit from one skein of Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk. This is a blend of silk and sea cell, a rayon made from processed sea weed.

I knit this for my old boss and mentor who wears a lot of black. She also has a great love for vibrant yellowy greens and so the Moss colorway seemed perfect. And so far, it seems like it has been. I’ve seen her a half dozen times since I gave it to her and she’s had the scarf on all but one of those times. It’s great to see a gift appreciated.

This pattern is pretty simple, easy to memorize and knit. I did stall out on the scarf for a few months so it feels like it took a long time to knit it, but that was mostly from being slightly bored with the repetition of the pattern. I liked the sea silk as well, smooth and shiny with just a little sproing (there’s not a lot of elasticity though, so I think the simple pattern is ideal for the yarn). All in all it was really enjoyable and I had a hard time giving it away in the end.


  1. Mary

    It looks gorgeous and your photograph is amazing. How did you take it? I have the same camera and I guess I suck because I can’t get shots like that.

  2. Jeanne

    Gorgeous – I didn’t think of using that yarn for that pattern – but what a great combo! Now I want to go buy some Seasilk…