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Monday Musings, Take 1

For today’s Monday Musings, I wanted to recount an exchange I overheard yesterday morning at our local Original Pancake House. It was busy and as my husband was putting our names on the waiting list I noticed an elderly woman attempting to pay her bill. It went as follows:

Cashier: Your breakfast is all paid for.
Elderly Lady: What do you mean?
Cashier: Those two young women who were sitting next to you paid for your breakfast.

The woman was clearly very surprised by this turn of events. And me? I’m such a sap that it brought tears to my eyes at their kindness and generosity. My husband and I always donate to charities [normally Doctors Without Borders, Child’s Play, or Heifer International] but this was so personal and so local that it just makes me think that the world could be a much better place if everyone did something like this, even if it was only once. I’ll certainly be much more aware of opportunities like this in the future.


  1. Chris

    the rest of the conversation was: “…because they just hit your car in the parking lot.”