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Red is the Color of Desire


So says Lola anyway. [Kinky Boots is a movie that never fails to make me smile, Chiwetel Ejiofer makes a wonderful drag queen turned boot designer.] And red is the color of our happy new car:

happy car

A new car was a necessity, as the old one was on it’s last legs. A ’98 Ford Taurus bought second hand just before I moved from the Great White North, it was in need of new tires, new brakes, and had several other issues including a melon-sized dent in the back bumper where a woman backed into TheBoy on the 4th of July. No one was hurt and her car was barely scratched. It was mostly just irritating because she was totally at fault because she was backing up, going against one-way traffic in a Target parking lot. At any rate, we hit that precarious point where we would need to put more money into the car than it’s Kelley Blue Book worth and it was only getting 20 miles to the gallon on a good day. We felt like we would have just been pouring money down the drain every time we filled the gas tank.

We had no intention of buying anything when we went in to test drive. In fact, we were planning to drive the car and then head to the mall to get some of the last of the Christmas gifts that we needed. Instead, the folks at Kendall Toyota were so stellar and bent over backwards to get us into the car we wanted immediately, and made it afforadable to us. And now we’re the proud owners of this lovely Barcelona Red 2008 Prius. We’ve already seen a drastic cost reduction in the amount of gas that we need to put in the car, and TheBoy loves to drive it. I also have to admit that while I have been staunchly anti-driving, there’s something about how fun this car looks that kind of makes me want to. We’ll see. Apart from this, we’ve been busy busy with holiday preparations, more on that to come later!


  1. Amy

    Yay new car! We have an old car that won’t make it to see this summer and will be starting to look at new cars. I might have to give a Prius a test drive.

  2. penny

    Must be that time of year (we bought our Mazda 3 years ago next week).. May you wear her in good health!

  3. TheAmpuT

    “We had no intention of buying anything when we went in to test drive.” hahahaha. Famous last words 😉

    I am so happy for you! Yay!