Cathartic Ink

putting my own spin on things


  1. jodi

    “the only oral contraceptive to offer chewability. Perfect for women who want another option.”
    Ugh. “Another option” means something other than a daily pill, not just a different daily pill. And why don’t they just go all out with the absurd assumptions of what women want and make it chocolate flavoured? Just. . . ugh.

  2. Michelle

    Because we need kids to get into them and think they’re mints, of course. Our youngsters need more hormones.

  3. Mary

    Oh dear. Reminds me of that Boniva commercial where a woman had to “set aside time every week to take her osteoporosis pill.” Wtf? Tell me, how does taking a pill require a special time to be set aside? And furthermore, how is taking a whole pill once a week (OH MY GOD, SO OFTEN) that big of an inconvenience?

  4. mom

    Mary’s age is showing. Osteoporosis medication is NASTY! It has to be taken on an empty stomach with water only. You have to remain upright for at least 30 minutes.
    So you do need to “set aside time” to take a pill

  5. Jodie

    This is really wierd. Why does chewing a pill make taking it easier? I can’t imagine this lasting very long.