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It’s a Winter Miracle!

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I spent the entire day in my kitchen yesterday. There were pies and rolls and cranberry sauce and pudding, etc to make. At about 5:30pm I was making my apple pie and was flushing the peelings down the garbage disposal. All of a sudden the disposal started to sound weird and the sink began filling with water. I flipped it off. “I think it’s broken, TheBoy.”

He came to the kitchen to inspect. “No, the disposal is working, the sink is clogged. We did buy a plunger, right?”

Thankfully, we did have a plunger. We bought it when I moved in 2.5 years ago and haven’t ever had call to use it. Upon attempting to plunge the sink we discovered that there is an overflow valve built in so as pressure was applied the overflow would spill out gross grey water and teeny bits of apples all over the counter. We despaired. We debated calling the apartment manager and realized that at 6pm on a Saturday and the day before Christmas Eve that there was no way anything would get fixed before Tuesday and figured we’d just have to wait it out.

I finished the apple pie and put it in the oven. I made homemade chocolate pudding for the chocolate cream banana pie. I sat down on the couch, finally done and started knitting a hat for charity. TheBoy went back to the kitchen to try plunging again. No luck. And then…Duct tape. Over the overflow outlet which allowed the plunging to suction the clog away. And now we won’t be stuck staring at a kitchen full of dirty dishes until Tuesday. He’s my hero, and a very good man. The fact that he loves me is the best Christmas present of all.

To any and all that read this have a very happy holiday, whichever you celebrate! Drive carefully if you have to, and enjoy your families!

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