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Partway in.

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Last week began the somewhat frantic and mostly hectic packing of the two offices that my department have inhabited in order to move into our one fancy new space. They began the physical move yesterday and finished it this morning. I do not yet have keys, but we’ll remedy that as soon as we get wired for phones and data. Until they do that we can’t begin to set up our furniture and printers. We’re happy with the space otherwise and we love our color choices. Eggplant/plum and artichoke heart green:

The green looks yellow here and we’re pretty sure that’s due to the regular bulbs in the lights. We’re going to be replacing those will full-spectrum bulbs in hopes that that will give us more true color both in our walls and with projects that come out of our printer. We’re pleased anyway, although the most common comment has been “those are interesting colors.” Meh. We like it.

And near our office is a bathroom where the 80’s still reign. Bright seafoam green and bright purple in there:

Talk about scary.

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