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Of Yarn and Klutz…

Here’s some recent spinning: 4 ounces 100% corridale koolaid dyed in my crockpot. I’m not happy with it, way too much twist, but it’s recipient is thrilled, so that’s what counts I suppose. And in further news, I am a klutz. Always have been, always will be. The building that I work in has, in read more

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Boogie Days

4 ounces 100% wool blend, handpainted in the Boogie Days colorway by Amy. Spun to approximate 320 yards of yarn, ranging from sport to worsted weight. It is super soft, and I love it! It was a lot of fun to spin, and spun easily on top of it all!

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I spun llama for the first time this morning. I ended up with 30 yards of deep chocolate brown yarn [the color Flint the llama is naturally] that I plied with 30 yards of leftover bits, some wool blend and some corridale. I just adding in the corridale after the wool blend ran out, and read more

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Very Exciting

There’s something very exciting happening soon. At least, it is exciting in my very small world. The sheep and llama are getting sheared on Sunday! That means soon, very soon, there will be [very dirty] fleecey goodness! Then we get to find out how much it will cost to get it cleaned and carded, and read more

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She’s Here.

My Kromski Prelude, Mahogany finish. Purchased on the 18th of February at Pacific Wool and Fiber in Dundee, OR. Yes, that bobbin is already full.

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