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Friday, August 11 I spent the day packing and cleaning things up in our apartment. TheBoy came home from work sometime around 5.30 and I cut his hair. We left just before 7 after a stop for gas, heading north for TheBoy’s mom’s house to stay the night. We missed the exit for Albany where read more

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Wedding Glasses!

I’ve been looking for suitable champagne flutes for the wedding reception, for TheBoy and I [and our attendants.] Today, during a fortuitous trip to CostPlus, I found some that are the right color. And for less than $5. I’m very pleased.

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The Shoes Have Arrived.

And now I have photos. They’re a little snug yet, but since they’re leather they will stretch. The right one hurts but I have an injured pinky toe, so I think that’s the source of it. And now, a barrage of photos!

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Beginning the Process

So, I’ve begun my wedding shawl. It’s Madli’s Shawl from Interweave Knits Summer 2004. It’s a long, lacy, rectangular shawl with lots of fun “nupps” which are kind of a pain to knit, but I like how they look. I started it three days ago and have gotten through the first border and two repeats read more

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I’m in Love With a Shoe.

I have located the perfect shoes for the wedding. Granted, they’re on sale now which means that the color I want will likely be gone before I can get to a Fluevog store to try them on. I’m hesitant to order them online without trying them on because the return policy for sale items is read more

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