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Possessive Kitteh

I think she and I need to have a talk about who the macbook really belongs to. Clearly she disagrees with my assessment that it is mine.


Tired on Tuesday

So I present you with evidence as to why I love this town: A bus, with a boat on top. Photo taken last May at the Willamette Valley MusicFest. Fun Fact: I did the design for the MusicFest site (coded by someone else). I’m not sure how much it may change for WVMF 2009, but read more


The Backside of Your Eye

I went in for an eye exam on Monday and was offered an alternative to dilation. I hate having my eyes dilated (even if I know it is a necessary evil). This is in large part because my focus actually flips when I’m dilated, leaving me very disoriented. So the OptoMap seemed like a good read more

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I am Knitting Giant Man-Socks

Occasionally, my husband looks at me and says “my toes are cold. I have no hand-knit socks.” Now, many people would say it was cold hearted of me to live with him for going on four years now and have not knit him socks. These people would be the ones who don’t know that he read more


PiDay FriDay

Happy Pi Day folks! I’m taking a short break from the Pi Day festivities to share today’s fixation: Garfield, two ways. Number 1: Without Garfield Number 2: Live, full color, filmed in front of a blue screen, with bonus music videos.

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