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WIP Wednesday: Trophy Overhaul

The before photo isn’t great, but today’s project is a total overhaul of this trophy. I’ve dismantled it, cleaned it, pulled off the craptastic faux-wood contact paper and now it’s curing, so that I can put it back together tomorrow.


Drawing with Water

This is absolutely stunning. Emmanuel Guibert used water to create his graphic novel Alan’s War: The Memories of G.I. Alan Cope It seems a little boring until right at the end and then it’s just captivating. via Boing Boing


On Falling Behind

photo taken at V. Sattui Winery, Aug 29, 2008 [see other photos from the vineyard here.] The curse of one who has too many hobbies–when you do one a lot, the others get explored much less frequently. Since I’ve spent much of the summer knitting fanatically, I have had much time for things like spinning read more


101 in 1001

I am 994 days shy of turning 30. In order to celebrate that milestone, I decided to embark on 101 in 1001. For 1001 days I will attempt to accomplish 101 goals, ranging in size from small (visit the beach) to much larger scale (buy a house, launch my professional website). This blog post is read more


Days With My Father

Earlier, while sifting through the tubes with├é┬ástumbleupon, I came across the poignant and beautiful Days With My Father. Through brilliant photography, Phillip Toledano, has chronicled his love for his 98 year old father, who has lost his short term memory. His other work is equally intriguing, and I hope you’ll all take a peep.