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Pay-it-Forward #1: Mup’s Invaders Hat


Here’s the first of my pay-it-forward items to be received. (I sent them just under the wire, it arrived with only 4 days left before my 365 day deadline.) This one is for D and I’s friend Mup so it needed to be a. something nerdy, b. something not too flashy and c. something to keep him warm in the cold. This is what I came up with, one large fair-isle hat with a motif of Space Invaders. I charted the design based on my specific gauge, and used the principles of Jared Flood’s Turn a Square hat to get a hat that would give me the most vertical surface possible. I had to alter the raglan’s shaping drastically and I didn’t really take great notes, so it’s pretty much a one of a kind.


  1. MadMup

    I’m sorry I haven’t commented sooner, but this is a fantastic hat! I’m planning to post some pics of it soon, but in the meantime — THANK YOU! It’s way awesome!!