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Common Sense, You’re Doin’ it Wrong



STOCKHOLM – Ten thousand copies of a food magazine were recalled in Sweden after a mistake in one of its recipes left four people poisoned, the magazine said Thursday.

“There was a mistake in a recipe for apple cake. Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg it said 20 nutmeg nuts were needed.”

I recognize that people may not be familiar with ingredients. I understand that some people blindly follow recipes as written. I know some people really like nutmeg (I’m not one of them). Honestly though, I am boggled at the fact that someone read a recipe calling for 20 nutmeg nuts and then went to the expense and trouble of finding that much nutmeg without so much as a pause at the amount. That must have been one bitter cake.


  1. MadMup

    The more I learn about nutmeg, the more I realize my cat Nutmeg was aptly named – she’s pretty bitter, too, and has a poisonous disposition.

  2. Brian

    For what it’s worth: I would have totally and completely gone out and hunted down the nuts. I have no idea WTF I’m doing when it comes to cooking. 🙂