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Great Green Gobs

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Cara has gifted me with the letter G. What follows are ten things, themes, theories, etc. in my life that begin with the letter G.

Gold Perhaps one of the biggest things in my life these days is the recent root canal and crown that I had done. Because it was a back molar that had the issue, they capped it with a shiny, glaring, yellow gold crown. Thankfully no one can see it.

Grinding, Gritting Yesterday, the dentist determined that I suffer from bruxism which is the grinding or gritting of ones teeth, often during their sleep. This has caused a fair amount of pain in my jaw recently and difficulty remaining asleep as the gritting of my teeth wakes me up more often than not. The fancy solution to this is an expensive, custom-fit night guard. The cheap fix [and what we’ll be trying before I shell out the funds] is a cheap-ish mouth guard as one would use for sports. The last thing I wanted to do is lay out the money only to find I can not sleep with the thing in.

Gaudi, Graham, Gehry, Graves, and Gropius Architects and architecture will always be a huge part of my life even though I’m still planning on never practicing as an “Architect.” Too much of who I am was defined by my education in architecture to ever take for granted.

Graduation Graduations have always marked fairly big changes for me and have coincided with moves across the country. I’m also looking forward to being done with graduate school although that won’t happen for a while yet.

Graphics I work with graphics every day. I love how much freedom I have at work, as well as how much creativity I get to expend.

Grumpy I’ve been feeling pretty grumpy today because my jaw is still sore from being pried open by the dentist yesterday. I try not to be grumpy too often, but will admit that sometimes I just love to wallow in a good grumpy mood.

Gravity It makes me fall down. A lot. At least by some people’s standards/

Gert Gert is my Kromski Prelude spinning wheel. She keeps me sane.

Gothic, Googie, Greek Revival Old buildings make my world go ’round. And not just because some day working on them will pay the bills. I just love them.

Greatful This is last because I truly am. I feel so lucky most days and I can’t even begin to express how absolutely greatful that I am for everything in my life.

So, there you have it, 10 things beginning with the letter G. Let me know if you want a letter of your own.

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