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Everyday Situations.

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Been busy lately. I’m hosting a Mary Kay party on Saturday [yes, I know that sounds goonie, but it should actually be fun], then to Portland on Sunday to meet up with a friend I met through Craftster. Expect to see photos of that here [if I can convince her the camera isn’t going to steal her soul.]

Mac posted not too long ago about how women have made it really hard for random men to give them sincere compliments without coming across as sleazy or out for a hook-up. I totally agree that it is tough, but one of the guys in my Women in Architecture class managed to do it yesterday. I was sitting with my laptop out, ready to take notes, and all of a sudden I hear the young man sitting kitty corner behind me say “Hey, that’s a nice dragon.” I turned around and he was grinning at me and asked if I had drawn the design myself. I said yes, and that it was almost five years old. He told me “well, it still looks great” and I said thanks. That was it. A really simple interchange, a really nice compliment, and I felt great for the rest of the afternoon. Now, if we could make a way for more of that to happen in life, things would be much happier in general.

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