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Photo Heavy!

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Okay, time to catch up some on what’s going on in my knit-life…But first, an obligatory, cutesy, self-taken photo of the boy and I, somewhat drowsy, taken Sunday (click for biggerization):

Alright, moving on here’s knit photos:

From l to r We have the JexSox, from the Pippi Kneestocking pattern in stich and bitch, done up in Sockotta. Then we have my socks in progress, a second set of Pippi Kneestocking socks in another colorway of Sockotta, my basket-case birthday socks, and the sock yarn that I purchased to make Amy’s Twist And Shout socks as another pair of birthday socks. Then we have a hat that I knit, because I was bored when I first moved. The first is me, wearing said hat, although I’m not sure if I’ll keep it, or send it off to someone as a gift. Anyone need a hat? At any rate, its knit in Cascade 220 Quattro, I’m unsure of which color, its two shades of green mixed with two shades of purple. The off-white is a random ball of worsted wool that I picked up at my LYS back in Fargo. The second shot is of the top of the hat so you can see my random striping better. The pattern is a simple helmet, using the base of the kittyville hat, again from stitch and bitch. It also has a super simple crocheted edge on the bottom.

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