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1001 Reasons Why I Love Him

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I had an exceptionally good weekend. Our friends came over on Friday night to have beer and watch Hellboy and the highlight of the evening for me came about with this photo of our friend Ben:

No, he did not drink that much on his own, there were 4 of us that contributed to the pile of beer bottles. However, since he fell asleep on the carpet, we felt we needed to use that as a photo opportunity. And it really amused the rest of us.

Saturday Derek and I went to a party at his mom’s house, as it was his stepfather’s 60th birthday. It was super super hot, and I think I ended up with a mild case of heat exhaustion or sunstroke or something on Friday and so I felt a little out of it and spent most of the party sitting in the shade and trying to make the pug suffer less from the heat. We all spoil that dog, but he’s a very well behaved little dog. He also likes to pose for the camera, hence this photo I took on the 4th of July (click for biggerness):

At one point I was sitting, visiting with Derek’s grandmother, and half watching Derek talk to an older woman named Mary. Apparently, when introductions were made, it was not clear to her that I am Derek’s girlfriend. I could hear the two of them talking, and while I tried not to eavesdrop, it’s really hard sometimes. Especially since I could tell that she was trying to set him up with her granddaughter. I would’ve been annoyed, except that he kept telling her he didn’t need to be set up. At any rate, it was a fun time, even with the miserable heat and by the time we got home it had cooled down a little bit and we were able to make the bedroom cool enough for sleeping in about an hour and a half. It’s nice to have been accepted into his family so completely.

Sunday was spent being lazy, and watching movies. Love Actually was not as good as I had hoped it would be, and I also didn’t think Hellboy was that great. Mostly I got really really bored in the middle.

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