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Woohoo, DangerDuck!

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As you can see, the blog looks a little bit different today. Comments from when I was publishing through blogger are gone for now, Derek’s plan is to try and swap them all over tomorrow. There’s a handy selector so that if you really liked the pinup girl you can make her come back. I do actually have one of the Devil Duckies, mine is red with black horns. It wasn’t until after I designed this skin (back in early May) that I realized that I used a variant on the UO’s mascot AND colors. So its kind of my homage to where I am in my life right now. I’m a duck, I guess.

I realized earlier how much of a lush I am not while discussing the alcohol that is currently in my apartment with Ben. We were discussing how much he and Chris need to come back over for a night of beer and laughs like they did the first weekend I lived here. I have 5(?) cans of Busch that my dad bought and didn’t finish drinking when we moved me out here as well as a half a bottle of Charles Shaw Chardonnay from Mid-June that Derek and I found to be too dry, with a taste a little too much like burning, to actually drink. In fact, I think that since Mid-June the only alcohol I have had was a glass of champagne at Tiffany’s wedding. Gee, I’m such a lush. Anyway, hopefully you all like the new site, let me know what you think!

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