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Welcome to my home, Part I.

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Alright, room one on the photo tour of my apartment: my bathroom. Note, the apartment complex I live in was built in 1969 and I’m pretty
sure all of the fixtures are still original. I love my early 70’s butter yellow bathroom!

Alright now. (From L to R) we have my bathroom as you see it when you enter, looking left to right. First we have
my sink and toilet. After the toilet we get my shower. And that’s all there is to the bathroom. He doesn’t really understand my need to make things match,
but since the bathroom was butter yellow, I was either going to go with dark green or chili pepper red. I opted for red. Except the toothbrush cup. I couldn’t get one in red so I made it match the
other ceramic parts of the bathroom. Also, we have a close up of my rubber duckies. The bigger one I bought in Fargo, the little one’s underside tells me when the water is too hot for a baby.
Derek bought me that and gave it to me the day I moved in here. The last picture is a preview of the living room, showing the daisies that he bought me atop the bookshelf we built together.

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