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Life is wonderful here. Derek is fantastic, our relationship is amazing. I can honestly say I have never been in a relationship like this
before and I love it when I can wake up and know he’s a part of my life, and even better, wake up and know he’s in the apartment with me. Right now we are suffering from tinybeditis, but his mom
offered to get us a second mattress and boxspring so soon we should have a kingsized bed on the floor in the bedroom. My apartment is amazing. I still can’t get over how much space I have, although
I have managed to stop cowering in fear at every tiny noise I hear when I’m alone. The apartment complex is full of semi-friendly people, we always chat when we meet in public places, like the pool.
The pool is lovely and good, and I got a sunburn the last time Derek and I went for a swim.

In other big news my wonderful, amazing, gorgeous little sister called me about two weeks ago
and told me she was preparing to go in and get a tattoo and asked me to help her design it. So, I sat down one night with her verbal picture in my head and drew up some flash for her. She loved it
and yesterday she went to see Julie, the woman who did both of my tattoos, and now has some of my artwork permanently on her back. I am hugely honored that she asked me to do it. She herself is
artistically talented, but she says she’s out of practice now. Also, her neuropathy meds make her hands shake so she’s relearning how to write and draw while compensating for the shakiness. At any
rate there are now at least 2 people in the world with my artwork on their body. I have two tattoos, I’ll have Derek takes photos of them next weekend to post if I remember. I have a small black
and white graphic on my lower back and a medium-sized dragon at the base of my neck. Sarah now has a slightly opened rosebud on her lower back. In fact, here’s a photo of the flash I did for

Alright, its late, I have to work tomorrow morning. I’m to bed. More soon.

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