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An interesting day all around…

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Today, I whored my brain out for a bit. I participated in a
3 hour standardized testing session for $45. Why? Because I need a haircut. And new shoes. And to move halfway
across the country. It wasn’t that bad, although the essay portion of the test (EST’s academic profile) was a pain in
the butt. there were three different topics to choose from based different fields. The humanities, natural sciences
and social sciences. Now, architecture, particularly in context with this test, is a blending of art, science,
psychology and a million and a half other things…I had a horrible time trying to come up with ANYTHING for any of
them. I gave it my best try, I’m really unused to having a hard time with essays. I scored a 5.5 out of 6 on my GRE
Analytical Writing test…Oh well, I still got paid. 🙂

Then I took Paul to the dollar theatre to see Big
Fish, since tuesday is his 23rd birthday and I won’t be able to do anything with him then. Big Fish was FANTASTIC! It
was sad, and made me cry, but I love Ewan MacGregor, there’s something about him that just clicks in almost every role
I’ve ever seen him in. He’s got such a wide, fun smile…On the way to the movie we caught a newsblurb on the radio
saying they found the body of missing student Dru Sjodin this morning. She’s been missing since November and it’s
really scary. They’re pretty much positive they have the culprit in jail, they found her blood in his car…Anyway,
its frightening and sad, and people are sick and horrible. The guy was a level 3 sex offender who had attacked 3 other
women before…Ugh.

Paul and I then went to the green mill for dinner together, to talk and laugh and what
not. We were both pretty hungry and noted that it was taking unusually long for our food to come, as the waitress had
come by 10 minutes earlier to tell us it was almost ready. Paul’s cell phone rang and while he was talking to an
aquaintance of his, our waitress and the manager came over to our table…to tell us that the grill had burst into
flames and therefore our burgers were completely burnt to a crisp. no problem, we didn’t mind waiting, and they were
nice about it…in fact, they gave us our entire dinner free! It was kind of cool…

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