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I love to cook. I hate cooking for myself. There’s always
too much food and where I’m at now I only have a small dorm fridge (and no space for anything more) so freezing or even
keeping in the fridge are pretty close to impossible. Today, I helped my friend Jeri cook a turkey dinner…it was a
15 pound turkey so she told me to expect a knock on my door later as she will be bringing me leftovers…Derek went to
his Nani’s (I think that’s how he spells it) in Salem for dinner and so I am having some away from him. Next year I’ll
be able to go with him and that will be fun. I am looking forward to having this long distance relationship be a
“together many of the days of the week” relationship. If I didn’t know I was going back soon I would be going

It snowed here today. And Friday night. It needs to stop this and be spring. Now. Please?

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